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Frequently Asked Questions for Buyers

Delivery & Returns

What all countries you deliver?
We provide the delivery to almost all the countries in the world.

What is the delivery time?
Delivery time vary from product to product, it depends on the stock availability and processing time. So for approximate delivery time check "Delivery & Return" tab given on each product details page.

I am in hurry and can't wait for delivery time mentioned on product, what to do?
Well go for "Priority Order" method. It charges you slightly extra but you can get your order processed faster and with top most priority. For details contact us.

Do you deliver to P.O. Box?
No, courier companies don't delivery parcels on P.O. Box address so we can't delivery on it.

What are shipping/delivery charges?
Shipping charges differ from product to product & country to country, so for approximate shipping charges to your country look for the "Delivery Charges" section under "Delivery & Shipping" tab given on each product details page.

How do you calculate shipping charges?
Shipping charges get calculated on the basis of either the total volume of the order parcel or the total weight of products (whichever higher). It is as per the standard rules & regulations of International shipping.

Shipping charges get reduced on higher weights & volume. So it keeps reducing when you buy more products.

Do you offer free shipping?
Yes sometimes, but it depends of any current offer & promotion we are running. Checkout our Offer & Promotion page for currently running offers and promotions.

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What if I buy more than 1 item, will you reduce my shipping charges?
Shipping charges are calculated automatically by our shopping system on the basis of your total products in your shopping cart. We don't have any manual interaction with it. But yes definitely, the higher the number of products in your cart, the economic the shipping charges will be.

Why shipping charges are high even for a small product like juti or turban? Are you trying to gain high profit?
Not at all, actually as written above the shipping charges get calculated on the basis of either the total volume of your order parcel or total weight of products you ordered. We pack parcels in corrugated boxes for safety in transits, so for small/low weighted products, total volume of the box get counted instead of weight.

Custom Charges & Import Duties
Are there any additional possible charges in delivery?
It may be and mayn't be. When we ship international parcels, depending on the rules of destination country (your country) you may be charged for some sort of import/custom duties/fees/octroi charges etc. As this is not in our hand so we can't anticipate/control these charges.

What is Custom Charge?
Custom charges OR, import duty OR, octroi are the import taxes levied by destination country's (where you want delivery of order) Government.

How much?
It differs country by country. There is no generalized international rule for this, it is controlled my government of each country. So we can't anticipate it.

Can't you help me save on these Custom Charges?
We would definitely love to help you save if we could, but unfortunately we are unable to help you any.

Is it necessary paying Custom Charges?
Yes (If applicable).

What if I buy small items like a shoe pair? Do I still have to pay Custom Charges?
Mostly custom charges OR, import taxes get applied over a certain amount/value of parcel. For e.g. -if you country's law says that minimum value of taxable import parcel should be $100 and you are importing a parcel wroth $50 only, then no custom charges will be applicable on you. But again, it differs country by country.

Order Tracking
Do you provide order tracking details? Actually I want to keep an eye on my incoming parcel.
Yes. Once your order gets dispatched from our warehouse tracking details will be emailed to you automatically along with the instructions to track your parcel status.

If in case you didn'st receive tracking details email, please Contact us for details.

How can I check my order status?
We timely send you order updates via email. Alternatively you can also check your order status by logging into your account (if you have created account on Goodbells.com) Or Contact us for updates.

After order dispatch in how much time I will receive it?
We use express shipping method of FedEx, DHL & TNT for all dispatches, so generally you will receive your parcel in 3-5 days in all major countries & cities. But it may vary due to any public holidays, different locations or any unforeseen circumstances.

How will I come to know that you have dispatched my order?
We will send you an email right after your order gets dispatched including tracking details.

Sizing & Measurements

Custom Stitch
Do you do custom stitch/tailoring?
Yes, we do. We do provide custom stitch in all clothing categories, to order custom stitch service select appropriate stitching option on product details page.

What are the charges for custom stitch?
Stitching charges vary in each category, below is a list of approximate stitching charges:
  • Saree Blouse : $9.99 USD
  • Saree Petticoat/Under Skirt : $6.99 USD
  • Salwar Kameez : $10.99 USD
  • Lehenga: $49.99
For accurate stitching charges please check product detail page.

Where is the measurement form? I am unable to see it online.
You will receive your measurement form link in your order/payment confirmation email automatically, after placing your order. Click here to Download PDF Version of measurement forms (but you will need to submit measurements using online measurement form only).

How do I submit the measurement?
It's simple. Follow the procedure below:-
  1. Take a print out of our measurement form. (you will receive it in your order/payment confirmation email)
  2. Take it to your local tailor and ask him to measure you & fill the form.
  3. Bring back the measurements to home and fill our online form now (using the measurement given by tailor)
  4. Submit. Done. Relax.
While, this is the best practice of submitting the measurement for custom stitching, you can also submit the measurement by measuring yourself at home (if in case you don't have a local tailor facility available). But in this case, please follow these tips below:-
  • Don't measure yourself alone. Ask your mom, dad, sister, wife or anyone else to measure you.
  • Use the instruction given in picture to learn how to measure you perfectly.D
  • You can even talk to live help executive, while measuring.
  • Finishing measuring and now fill & submit the form. Done.

How can you ensure me the best fitting?
We can ensure you best fitting, if you use a local tailor to submit measurements. It's always a great idea to let a professional tailor measure you for your dress.

Got measured at home? No issues, our professional tailors double check each of your submitted measurements and we will confirm you back for any confusion or ambiguity (error) in your measurements to assure you best fitting.

Why you suggesting hiring local tailor? What if I don't?
Though it's not mandatory, but we strongly, infect very strongly suggest you to hire a local tailor to measure you. This way you can ensure perfect fitting of your dress and could get rid of future hassles.

If you won't hire a local tailor and measure yourself at home to submit us your measurement, then we will use our own intelligence and run a cross verification for accuracy of your supplied measurements, to make sure that we give you perfect fitting, the closer the possible.

In case of any ambiguity (error) found, we will cross confirm it with you.

What if I mistakenly submit any wrong measurement?
Don't worry. We always run a cross verification over supplied measurement by you. If in case we will find any error, we will confirm it with you before start stitching.

Again, we strongly recommend ... please.. hire a local tailor to measure you. Don't measure yourself at home alone.

Can I change any measurements later, after submitting my measurement first time?
Well conditions are there. You can drop us an email with your required changes, but it depends on your order status, if we haven't started stitching process, we can accommodate your changes else sorry we will not be able to entertain measurement changes in between.

To avoid such cases, take enough time and cross check measurements once before submitting measurements to us.

How much time it will take you to prepare and deliver overall?
You can check approximate delivery time on product details page under "Delivery & Return" tab. Delivery time mentioned there includes approximate time for processing your order + days to deliver order at your doorstep.

I need some help filling the measurement form?
Although detailed measurement instructions including pictorial presentation is given on measurement forms, but still if you face any problem in filling form, please feel free to talk with our live help executive for help.

Ok fine. But what if it still does not fit me well? Can I return?
We have very easy return policy, we offer 30 days return policy but it have some conditions. We can't accept returns on custom measurement orders but yes we do free of cost alteration. Please read our return policy for more details.

Standard Sizing
Do you also offer standard sizes?
Yes. It's a great idea to go with standard sizes if standard size fits you well and you are in hurry.

Where is the size chart for standard sizes?
Click here to view standard size measurements for each product category. You can also find Sizing & Measurements option with each product details page.

What are the benefits of selecting standard sizes instead of custom stitch?
  • You will get your order ready faster
  • You don't have to bother to submit measurements.
  • Less worry on how the fittings will be (we suggest you to select standard sizes, only if you are habitual of wearing standard sizes and if it fits you well)
  • It will be delivered faster

Payment & Security

How do I make payment for my purchase (available Payment Options)?
We offer multiple payment methods to make payment for your order:
  • Credit card (VISA, Master, American Express, Diners Club & JCB)
  • Paypal
  • Wire Transfer
  • Goodbells.com Gift Card
  • Other Money Transfer Services (Remit2India, Western Union Money Transfer, MoneyGram and Xoom)

Are you secure? I really don't want my credit card details to go in wrong hands.
Don't worry at all, your shopping at Goodbells.com is 100% safe & secure. We understand your security concern, we have partnered with reputed payment gateways CCAvenue, Paypal & 2Checkout.com to apply VeriSign, McAfee and PCI Enabled ultra-solid security practices. Go Ahead & Shop Confidently.

Click here to know more about ccAvenue, Paypal, 2Checkout.com and SSL Encryption

I don't understand technical jargon. Simply tell me, can you see my credit card details and reuse it without my knowledge?
No, Not at all. It's impossible to use your credit card by anyone else.

Ok I trust you but what if any of your staff members misuse my credit card details? How will you handle it?
We don't collect / save your financial details on our website, so we can't access it. Goodbells.com staff members can only create your orders and forward you the payments link to make payment. Or could only view your order details but they are unable to view or access any of your credit card or other financial details.

OK, and how do you process my credit card? I mean who finally charge credit card?
When you place on Goodbells.com, on last step of checkout i.e."Review & Pay", you will get option to review your order and make payment, when you click on "Pay Now" button, on selection of your payment method (Credit Card or Paypal) you will be redirected to secure environment of respective payment gateway.

You will be asked for credit card details to finish your purchase, follow instructions coming on screen to place your order. Once your transaction processed on payment gateway site you will be redirected back to Goodbells.com for confirmation of your order.

Paypal & 2Checkout.com will charge your card on behalf of Goodbells.com, so you may see their name on your credit card statement.

Who is this Paypal & 2Checkout.com?
Paypal & 2Checkout.com are most trusted and safe & secure online payment security cum gateways. Visit their website for more details: www.paypal.com & www.2checkout.com

Within how much time you will receive my payment?
  • If you are using Credit Card, Paypal = Instantly
  • If you are using offline payment methods (wire transfer, cheque deposit, demand draft, western union) = within 2-7 days (depending on the method used)

How will I come to know if you have received my payment?
We will send you a notification email once we received your payment successfully. Please keep checking your spam folder too, as sometime our emails go into spam folders accidently.

Will you notify me if when you receive my payment?
Yes. Via email.

Problems in Making Payment
I was making payment but suddenly it got hang. What should I do?
Sometime it happens due to slow internet speed or overload on gateway server. So don't get panic just follow these steps:
  • Firstly, don't refresh current browser window. Wait for few minutes and if nothing happens close the hanged window.
  • Check with your bank if you have been charged for the transaction or not. If yes, contact our Live Help executives and provide details of transaction.
  • If no, then retry making your payment or contact Live Help executives for assistance.

I am getting Authorization Failed message after submitting credit card details, what to do?
What does it mean: It means gateway tried to charge your credit card but due to some reasons your card issuer bank didn't authorized this payment. Reason? There are few possible reason listed below
  • Incorrect credit card information (Card number, CVV code, Expiry date)
  • Insufficent Funds
Please cross check all these information and try again. If problem still persist contact your card issuer bank for further details. Or contact our Live Help executives for assistance.

I am still having problem.
Please talk to Live Help executive for quick assistance or call us. Click here for our helpline numbers.

I noticed my credit card has been charged twice (double of my bill amount)?
We won't charge you twice if any such thing happened to you accidently. Talk to our Live help executive to confirm double charge. Once confirmed, we will refund you your extra money.

I am sure I have made a payment successfully but somehow it is not visible in my account. What's happening?
There might be some exception, if you have any reference number of transaction firstly please contact your card issuer bank for the same. Or contact our Live Help executives for assistance


How to place order on Goodbells.com?
It´s quite easy to place order on our website, click here to see small 4 steps Getting Started guide. Or you can also contact our Live Help executive for assistance.

How do I know my order has been confirmed?
Once your payment has been successful you will receive a payment confirmation email from Goodbells.com and our payment processing company (Paypal/2Checkout.com). Generally you will receive this notification email instantly, but if incase you don´t receive it, wait for few hours and then contact Live Help executive for assistance.