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Bespoke Sherwani & Suits Design Service

Please fill the form at right side to send us your requirements and we will revert back to you with best price quotation.

What is this? - We offer two service as below:
1. Design it: Simply present a picture and we will design it for you.
2. Design to match bride’s outfit: Present a picture of your bride’s dress (lehenga, saree, gown etc.) and we will design a matching outfit for you.

How it work? - Simply forward us a detailed picture of the suit/sherwani/kurta you like using this form and we will design your dress.

Why? - Not every suit or dress you see in movies/television or over Internet is accessible easily. sometime its the high price, or you don’t have access to that designer. By using our service, you can get that dress designed very cost effectively.

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